Renewable Meter

Wind Turbines

Wind turbines are specifically designed to harness wind and convert it to energy. This process gives you peace of mind because it shows your contribution to the environment, while producing your own energy. RenewableMeter not only gives you instant energy production, but also shows you how much income your turbine is generating. In addition, you can check how much wind energy you are consuming in your home/business.

Solar PV

Solar PV generates power during daylight hours. Because not everyday is the same, the amount of energy produced depends on sunlight hours and irradiance. RenewableMeter gives you instant solar energy production, shows you how much income your solar system is generating and carbon emissions saved. In addition, you can check how much solar energy you are consuming in your home/business.

Building Management System

Whether you are in your home or business, RenewableMeter's building management system will give you real-time access to your electricity consumption. Once you understand how much energy is being used and monitor where is your consumption taking place, you can change your energy usage; such as taking advantage of time of day electricity pricing and start saving instantly.


Our power to reinvent ourselves has to lead us to change the way we produce and consume energy. From fossil fuels' contamination, the world has now acknowledged that an increase in clean energy is necessary. Our nature is to count, but energy is an abstract form, so how can we monitor it? Enter RenewableMeter. Instant energy monitoring.


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